Employer Liability Reduction Package 

NetNobble Employer Liability Reduction Package is designed to allow employers to intake candidates that might other wise be considered a security risk as contract employees. As they display responsibility and stability in work and home lives, they gain access to employee benefits. This package gives you as a employer the opportunity to take a deep look into the candidate financially and behaviorally. All of the candidates accounts will be watched. With a increase in there credit score we see the risk factors for the candidates decrease with time. We also have insurances if we do have a breach financially that any fraud can be covered through this program. They are given the tools to set up life plans with net worth calculator , Will trust, and power of attorney and term life insurance. If they don't qualify for employee benefits are healthcare benefits cover them in case of a accident with discounts. Should the unfortunate befoul them we have term life insurance available. This plan can also cover individual family member for reduced cost. 


Healthcare Benefits

(1)Talk To a Doctor- MyHealthCare2Go offers you the ability to connect with a board-certified doctor within minutes by phone or video chat. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can contact a doctor that can diagnose your medical situation, determine treatment and if necessary, prescribe medication to be picked up at your local pharmacy.

(2)RX Card-Members can save from 10% to 85% on name brand and generic prescriptions at over 65,000 select pharmacies nationwide or while using the mail order service. The discount benefit is simple to use.

(3)Diabetic & Home Medical Supplies-Members enjoy access to fast, reliable, and affordable diabetic, health and wellness, and pet health supplies.

(4)Dental Discount-Members can save 15% to 50%* per visit, in most instances, on services at any of the more than 226,000** available dental practice locations nationwide. 

(5)Vision Discount-This vision program offers members 10% to 60% off eyeglasses, contact lenses and other retail eyewear items as well as 10% to 30% off eye examinations and 40% to 50% off the national average on LASIK. Over 20,000 eye care professionals nationwide – including many local opticians – participate in this Benefit.

(6)Lab Benefits- DirectLabs® is the leader in direct access laboratory testing and provides access to major clinical labs nationwide. Confidential results are available online in as little as 24 hours for most tests.

(7)Hearing benefits- Save 17 – 40% off retail pricing of digital hearing aids starting at $945

Much More 

In-Store Discounts 

Earn cash every day from Protection Plan!

Protection Plan members will have access to an exciting new system, designed to save them money on services they already use! Through Shop4Less, a shopping cashback app, users receive an average of 5.4% in cash on every purchase at 250 major retailers, restaurants and travel brands! This cash is yours to keep and is in addition to any credit card rewards, coupons, sales or specials that you already take advantage of!

Gold Package Benefits

The gold package gives the extra add benefit of being about to apply family members and co-works for a discount. We also offer extra bonuses per person. Contact us for more details.

NetNobble / T 347-385-0115 / F 123.456.7899 / sales@netnobble.com 

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